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What do you know about hair transplant operations? What do you think is the best hair transplant method? Which hair transplant method is both healthier and provides results in a shorter time? If you have a comment about the answers to these questions, you also have information about hair transplant prices and health tourism for hair transplants. Now, health tourism has gained great importance all over the world. Many countries are increasing their investments in the field of health to get a share of health tourism. Turkey comes first among these countries. Thanks to the developments it has shown in health tourism, Turkey has managed to become the leading country in this field. The most important reason for Turkey's leadership in this sector is the high percentage of successful results in the treatments applied. However, Turkey is also the leading country for hair transplant operations. The reason for this is observed as the all-inclusive hair transplant package price. In this article, we will give you some information about “what is included in the all-inclusive hair transplant package price in Turkey?”

How Much are the Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey?

Turkey has started to take its place among the world's leading countries with the investments it has made in the field of health tourism. In addition to the developments in the field of health, the very affordable health prices in Turkey increase the preferability of Turkey. Hair transplantation, on the other hand, is one of the sectors where Turkey is the most assertive in the field of health. Very successful hair transplants are performed in many hair clinics, large and small, established in Turkey. Hair transplant prices in Turkey, where Europe and the world's most successful hair transplants are performed, are far below the European average. You can read our article titled HOW MUCH DOES A HAIR TRANSPLANT COST IN TURKEY? and so you can learn more information. In this regard, we can briefly tell you the following: Turkey is a country that can be preferred for the cheapest hair transplant prices. But with this, developments and successful results in hair transplantation are also important factors for you to choose Turkey.

What Is an all-inclusive hair transplant package?

Different methods are used when determining hair transplant prices. The most used method is to demand the price of hair transplants according to the number of grafts transplanted. In this method, if the number of grafts to be transplanted is high for the person who will have the hair transplant, very high fees may be charged. In addition, extra costs that were not mentioned at the beginning may be requested by the clinic authorities after the operation. This means undesirable surprise prices. If you want detailed information on this subject, you can read the article titled HOW MANY GRAFTS DO I NEED FOR FULL HAIR COVERAGE? However, Rehair Istanbul, Turkey's largest hair clinic, applies a method that will please everyone in pricing hair transplant operations. Thanks to this pricing called the all-inclusive hair transplant package, everyone knows what they will pay after the operation. Patients who do not encounter unpleasant surprises and undesirable situations feel more special.

What is included in the all-inclusive hair transplant package?

Rehair Istanbul, one of the best hair clinics in Turkey, performs all hair transplant operations with the principle of the all-inclusive hair transplant package. Within this package, first of all, specialists meet with all patients face-to-face or online. Mutual requests are received and the physical appearance of the patient is checked during this time. Then all health checks are carried out for the patient. This examination is very effective in preventing the negativities that the patient may encounter. Afterward, the most suitable hair transplant method for the patient is determined and a suitable appointment date is determined. If the patient is going to come to Turkey from abroad, this package includes purchasing the plane ticket, arranging an interpreter if necessary, and meeting him at the airport. Arranging a hotel in suitable conditions for the patient, transfers of the patient by VIP vehicles, and all care and controls before and after the hair transplant operation are also provided within the scope of the all-inclusive hair transplant package. In short, all the processes from the beginning of the patient's hair transplant request to the patient's recovery of healthy hair are covered by Rehair Istanbul within the scope of the all-inclusive hair transplant package. Call Rehair Istanbul now for the best hair transplant prices and the most successful results...